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Did you know that you can own a business in the United Arab Emirates with a total monthly cost of only EUR 240?


We are opening companies in the United Arab Emirates:

✓ Without going to the UAE!

✓ Save time and money!

✓ Accurate and fast information!

Our Services

Our Services

Legal, consulting and bookkeeping services in the United Arab Emirates are performed by our local partners who are well acquainted with all legal procedures and logistics processes in the UAE, all with the support and supervision of our experienced legal team from Belgrade.


Free trade zones in the UAE have been regulated with a special purpose in order to facilitate and improve investments.


Freelancing means working for yourself, as an independent entrepreneur which is completely legal in the UAE with a license.


The Mainland company would sell its products and services in the UAE and outside the UAE. It is actually a local UAE company.

Flexi desk

Many people who want to start a business in the UAE wonder what a flexi-desk means. It is shared office.


Before you can apply for a work and residence visa for the UAE, you first need a company license.

Accounting & VAT

Under UAE law, all businesses are required to comply with accounting rules and regulations.

Maybe you didn't know that
by registering a company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you can increase your profits.

Ready to learn more?

Profit is the main reason of any business organization. By registering a company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can gain a better business position and increase your profits in many ways.

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