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The UAE is an increasingly popular destination for those who want to reside or trade abroad. The UAE is an ideal place for an entrepreneur to get a residence, because they are strategically located at the crossroads of worlds with a strong economy and openly welcome people who want to work and invest. The UAE has everything an investor can ask for, including some of the best health and education systems in the world.

Before you can apply for a work and residence visa for the UAE (also called an investment visa for the UAE), you first need a company license. We will provide you with a complete visa processing solution that will later provide all the prerequisites you need before you can live and work in the UAE.

There are many advantages to obtaining a residence visa in the UAE:

- Ability to operate more freely within one of the world's best business infrastructures.
- Plenty of tax benefits (exemptions, etc.).
- Obtain a driver's license or open a bank account in the country.
- Access to public services, such as hospitals, schools and universities.
- Residence in a country with a robust economy and a stable political climate.
- Ability to establish and run a company in a key growth region.
- There are different types of residence visas.

The process of obtaining a residential visa for the UAE differs depending on the type of visa and the company we process, and we help in the whole process and all the necessary steps follow our assistance.

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