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Free trade zones in the UAE have been regulated with a special purpose in order to facilitate and promote foreign investments. The procedure and procedure for establishing companies with free zones in the UAE depends on the activity, entity and free zone you choose to establish a company. Free zones are suitable for companies that intend to use the UAE as a regional base for production or distribution, and have most of their business outside the UAE.


Companies approved to operate in free trade zones can apply for a number of different licenses. These licenses can be renewed every year. Trading licenses are issued to locally registered companies and companies registered outside the UAE. Trading licenses are also issued to free zone companies (FZE) and free zone companies (FZCo). Industrial licenses are issued to companies registered outside the UAE, FZE and FZCO. Service licenses are granted only to companies that have a UAE license.

  • Freezone allows 100% foreign ownership.

  • No participation in UAE national companies is required.

  • 100% exemption from import and export duties.

  • Opening a multi-currency bank account in Dubai / UAE.

  • Obtaining residential visas in the UAE (work and residence permit).

  • Local trading by paying 5% customs duty (through a distributor).

  • Freedom from corporate taxation for 50 years;

  • Availability of skilled and experienced workforce;

  • Administrative support is extremely developed.

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