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Flexi desk

Many people who want to start a business in the UAE wonder what a flexi-desk means. Flexi-desk is a typical name of a common office space in the UAE, which we will organize for you so that the company has its address in the registration process. This is what we in Europe most often call coworking or shared office .


If you are establishing a company in Dubai or any other emirate, we will also arrange your new address. Mostly flexi-desk services involve only an address, but it is possible to mediate to really get to a common office space or maybe to rent a separate office.


It is not possible to establish a business in the UAE if you do not have an address. Also, all banks, when opening a company account, require that the company has a "tangible" place from where it operates. This is also important because of the mail, business cards, website and all other details that contribute to the credibility of the company.


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